School House System

Student Leaders : 2018 – 2019

School CaptainRithika Elsa Thomas
(School Captain)

School Vice CaptainJoseph Paul Arnold


Barton House

Designation Name
House Captain Ryan James
House Vice – Captains Joshua Thomas Philip (Boy),
Tuhina Singh (Girl)
Senior Prefect Sonali Leah Govil
Prefect Samuel Joshua Peter
Junior Prefects Michael Antony Rayan,
Neha S. Virgil


Redwood House

Designation Name
House Captain John Mark Sudevan
House Vice – Captains Joseph Paul Arnold (Boy),
Jenica Thomas (Girl)
Senior Prefect Spatika Copparam
Prefect Ethan L.P.Cunningham
Junior Prefects Nathan Mark Thomas,
Kriti Ruth Singh


Theobold House

Designation Name
House Captain Anuj Jacob
House Vice – Captains Pavaman S. Suraj (Boy),
Huvishka Reddy (Girl)
Senior Prefect Sera Mathew
Prefect Sarah Elizabeth George
Junior Prefects David Mathews,
Nandita Deepak


Wilco House

Designation Name
House Captain Rommel Bangara
House Vice – Captains Saad (Boy),
Shreya Ann Mathew (Girl)
Senior Prefect Marella Fernandez
Prefect Raghav K.N.
Junior Prefects Granville Dominic Austin,
Riona Elsa Thomas

Students who have shown exemplary behaviour and an aptitude for leadership are chosen and nominated as prefects. Prefects serve a very important role in maintaining discipline and setting behavioural pattern for other students. The School Captain, School Vice-Captain, House Captains and House Vice Captains are selected from the prefects. They commence their term of office with the Prefects Investiture in February and Prefects Training Seminar in May.