Student Leaders 2018 – 2019

School Captain


To be the school captain of Clarence High School for 2018-19 is both a humbling experience and a challenging one. Being the head of a school which has been giving wing to the dreams of over 1,500 of us is indeed challenging as we try to bring out innovative ideas to engage with students who live in an age of artificial intelligence and the internet. Keeping in step with the precepts that our school’s founding fathers have laid down for us, the vice-captain, the team of prefects who are with me, and myself, would be working towards chalking out special programs. We would like to implement some of the suggestions made by the previous prefect body like ringing the bell five minutes earlier than the normal time for the morning assembly and carrying out the Swachch Clarence initiative. More steps would be initiated next year to maintain discipline. Similarly, measures to ensure better participation in extra-curricular activities would also be chalked out. These measures would be in keeping with the school’s strong Christian moorings so that we can work towards our school’s motto of attempting “The utmost for the highest”.

Rithika Thomas
(School Captain)

School Vice Captain


Being chosen for this position, the thought that teachers wanted me to be nominated as well as being nominated and voted for has been an incredible thing for me. This is a huge opportunity for me and I am going to try my best to fill in the enormous shoes of my predecessors.

I have realised that as Vice Captain of the school, students, parents, teachers and others will see me and I will try my best to set a good example.

Seeing how Clarence has stood out in the field of education as well as extra-curricular activities personally I foresee Clarence as becoming a leading school in activities such as MUN(Especially how an inter school MUN might be introduced), Sports, etc. In this I would try my best to recognise and direct talent of my fellow students.

Joseph P. Arnold