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This committee strives to simulate a dialogue between stakeholders that would otherwise almost certainly never engage with each other in an official capacity. It consists of members from various film fraternities, the Central Board of Film Certification and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in addition to a few miscellaneous entertaining characters.

This committee is being simulated at a crucial juncture for the Indian content viewing experience. Digital platforms are coming to the fore during the pandemic. Given that the CBFC has no right to regulate the content on OTT platforms, it is an interesting time to rethink the film certification setup. Will the return of the movie theatre bring a relaxation in the moral policing associated with film certification? Or will the average theatre goer be convinced to watch strictly moderated content as opposed to his ‘Netflix and chill’ counterpart?

Principle will be given preferential treatment over procedure in this borderline philosophical and socially relevant setup. To sum up the ASM at CLMUN 2020, ” She’s not like the other girls. She’s quirky. She’s different.”

Agenda: Possibility of a comprehensive framework for censorship of Indian movies and introduction of a democratic setup for the election of CBFC office bearers.

Chairperson: Dinesh Babu

Vice Chairperson: Kapilesh Narayan

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