CLMUN 2019

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Principle ImageDear Delegates,
I take great pleasure in inviting you to attend the Second Edition of Clarence Model United Nations,
At Clarence High School, we have always believed in the significant difference that small changes by
a few can cause in the lives of many. Inspired by this thought, CLMUN 2019 has been conceptualized,
making the possibility of impactful changes become reality.
Though Clarence Model United Nations is just launching its second edition, we are no strangers to
the competitive circuit of Model UN. I am proud of our students, past and present who have made
their mark these few years, by participating, leading and winning an array of accolades at a large
number of MUN, locally and nationally. Thus, I can assure you that your experience at CLMUN 2019
will be memorable.
CLMUN 2019 showcases not only steadfast and fiery committees like the Special Political and
Decolonisation Committee and the Historic Security Council but also brand new committees such as
the Berlin Summit 2030 and the Historic International Court of Justice. I am confident your
involvement will challenge you intellectually, emotionally and physically through all the two
days,making the conference a platform for intense debate and an opportunity to explore the
diplomat in you.
See you in June at Clarence!



Letter from the Secretary General

Dear Delegates and Faculty Advisors,

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to join us for Clarence Model United Nations 2019 on June
28 and June 29 in Bangalore!
Since its inception last year, CLMUN has been constantly and virtuously in the process of inspiring
the younger generation to find a voice within them. We at CLMUN take it to be our responsibility to
carefully nurture this voice coupled with the right skills of negotiation and diplomacy, hoping for a
better tomorrow. Through such conferences, the youth is empowered to understand the nuances of
discussing world affairs, to put forth resolutions and most importantly come to a common consensus
of what is going on around us, because we believe that realisation is always the best first step.
At CLMUN, we take pride in providing our delegates an experience that thrives beyond diplomacy.
While being one of the largest conferences around the metropolitan, our mission still continues to be
to channel each and every delegate’s ideology that will one day make a difference in the world we
live in. To experience this, accompany us as we open every closed door and dig deep to tackle some
of world’s current dilemmas.
This year, we bring to you 07 ambitious committees which will revolve around the conference. These
include a spectrum of committees ranging with 02 General Assembly Committees, 03 Specialised
Committees and 02 Crisis Committees. In addition to this, you will find consistent and innovative topics,
informative guides and a talented board of chairs and secretaries, all dedicated to providing you a first
class conference experience.
Whether you are a new comer to MUNs or a well-seasoned delegate, we fervently hope you have an
enriching and memorable experience with us at CLMUN. Please feel free to reach us should you have
any queries.
On behalf of the Secretariat of CLMUN, I cordially invite you to join us for CLMUN 2019!
Tarun KS