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I am delighted to welcome you to participate in the Fifth Edition of the Clarence Model United Nations 2022-23. We at Clarence High School continue to believe in our mission of inspiring the younger generation to find a voice within them; it is through such conferences, that the youth is empowered to understand the nuances of discussing world affairs, to put forth resolutions and most importantly come to a common consensus of what is going on around us because we believe that realization is always the best first step.

The seven committees of the conference have been carefully chosen to spark interest and to fuel spirited negotiations. I hope you will come fully prepared to engage with delegates from across Bangalore and other cities. CLMUN 2022-23 promises to provide a wealth of knowledge, a plethora of experiences and a myriad of memories to take back. With enticing cash prizes, this is a program you cannot afford to miss.

Whether you’re experienced or a newcomer, there is something here for you and the family of Clarence High School welcomes you all.

Dr. Jerry George Mathew, Ph.D.
Clarence High School



Greetings Delegates,

It is my pleasure to invite you to the fifth edition of Clarence Model United Nations. For over half a decade, CLMUN has served as a stage for productive and engaging debate, and this year shall be nodifferent.After almost two years filled with fear and caution over the pandemic, Clarence is finally hosting anoffline conference. Having been in the Model UN circuit for over seven years, I can assure all of youthat online conferences do not offer the same competition, experience or knowledge.

Model United Nations is far from solely a simulation of the United Nations or a mere play of
countries meeting. Social awareness has never been as important as now, and today’s youth are
close to ignorant. Model UN provides students with the perfect opportunity to explore their
interests in current world affairs and those of the past. By playing the roles of diplomats debating issues of international concern, students receive an insight into the working of the world.Having once been a student myself, I speak from experience when I testify that the competition andknowledge offered by MUN contribute to skills that are essential and priceless in the real world.Apart from public speaking and eloquence, Model UN helps hone critical thinking and one’s ability to
seek out every narrative, not just mainstream beliefs.

The youth are the future of humanity and Model UN helps them engage and understand the severity of politics and social issues. Clarence Model UN offers various committees that discuss issues ranging from organised crime to territorial disputes. This edition is also proud to announce the simulation of a historic committee since past matters also deserve reviewing and attention. After all, how we view and understand our past dictates the course for our future.

The UN receives immense criticism for how they deal with matters as well as the politics that govern its discussions. While I am not in a position to comment on the United Nations, I unequivocally believe that Model UN serves an entirely different purpose and one that it fulfils.Having been a part of over fifty conferences, it is evident to me that Model UN serves the sole purpose of raising awareness among the youth. As trivial as it may seem, identifying issues is the first step to resolving them.

Model UN has shaped and continues to shape countless lives of students, just as it did mine.Leadership qualities and critical thinking barely constitute the surface of the sea of abilities it arms the youth with. Conflict resolution, negotiation, and research are some of the few others that MUN teaches.Having been at the inception of CLMUN and as a proud alumnus of Clarence High School, I can assure you that honing these skills in today’s youth is the raison d’etre of this conference. We striveto rekindle the competition and vigour in the Model United Nations circuit with an illustrious Executive Board and the most engaging agendas for each committee.

Since its inception, CLMUN’s motto has been “Debate. Deliberate. Deliver”. These words guide our conference and every member associated with its organisation. We believe that debate and discussion are futile without attention to delivering solutions.Many in the circuit as well as today’s society find it easy to find solutions. However, we insist on laying emphasis on pragmatism. One need only look around us to see proof of how solutions rarely apply past the papers in which they exist, and society’s need for pragmatic and empathetic thinkers has never been greater. Our goal remains to set alight the spirit of inquiry in students while reminding them of how grave the issues we discuss are. By debating the impact of disastrous incidents and placing ourselves in the shoes of diplomats in precarious situations, we learn to seek more than one perspective of any conflict.

However, our efforts are inadequate without the participation of passionate and committed delegates. It is an honour to extend a warm invitation to institutions and their delegates to join us for two days of intensive and stimulating debate as Secretary General. I hope to see you at the conference; in person, after two years of online conferences that seem pale in comparison to a traditional Model UN!

Best of Luck!


Andrea Hsiao.

CLMUN 2022-2023


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