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I am delighted to welcome you to participate in the Fourth Edition of the Clarence Model United Nations 2021-22. We at Clarence High School continue to believe in our mission of inspiring the younger generation to find a voice within them; it is through such conferences, that the youth is empowered to understand the nuances of discussing world affairs, to put forth resolutions and most importantly come to a common consensus of what is going on around us because we believe that realization is always the best first step.

The seven committees of the conference have been carefully chosen to spark interest and to fuel spirited negotiations. I hope you will come fully prepared to engage with delegates from across Bangalore and other cities. CLMUN 2021-22 promises to provide a wealth of knowledge, a plethora of experiences and a myriad of memories to take back. With enticing cash prizes, this is a program you cannot afford to miss.

Whether you’re experienced or a newcomer, there is something here for you and the family of Clarence High School welcomes you all.

Dr. Jerry George Mathew, Ph.D.
Clarence High School



Dear Delegates and Faculty Members,

I bear the immense privilege of inviting you all to join us for the latest edition Clarence Model United Nations hosted online on  7th and 8th January. Our conference has only grown in stature since its first edition 3 years ago. On a personal level I have seen this conference evolve with each edition adapting not only to the dynamic nature of Bangalore’s MUN circuit but also to global issues as a whole.

These conferences allow us to imagine the stakes of the real world we’re brought into with a degree of nuance and argumentation that textbooks simply wouldn’t allow. By granting the younger generation the maturity seldom received from academic rigor, the avenues of understanding real world issues only grow. Learning becomes organic, understanding becomes instinct and conflict resolution becomes norm. CLMUN takes great pride in what it allows us to achieve outside a classroom and even more so in inter-school competitive jest.

From our very first edition and from our slogan, “Debate, Deliberate, Deliver.” CLMUN was always premised on vibrant debate in committees. We made it a point to ensure all the top delegates as well as delegations attend the conference to guarantee the healthy competitive environment the Bangalore MUN circuit is known for. This conference will be no different; CLMUN will continue to remain at the forefront of innovative ideation and multi-faceted solutions when it comes to Model United Nations.

This year, we’re proud to bring you six exciting committees. I look forward to seeing you there!

Anuj Jacob.
CLMUN 2021-2022

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Best wishes from Akhanda Srinivas Murthy, MLA, Pulakeshi Nagar

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