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In May, 1957 Vito Genovese, the newly appointed head of the Genovese family called for a meeting of all the American Mafia families on Joseph Barbara’s 58 acre home in Apalachin, west of New York.

The meeting was to discuss the establishment of a new order within the Mafia as well as to help Vito legitimize his takeover of the Genovese family. He also wished to discuss their involvement in the narcotics trade, gambling and racketeering as well as exploring newer and more legitimate business opportunities.

Over 100 families of the American Mafia syndicate arrived at the meeting and what followed was one of the largest gatherings of the American Mafia since the meetings of the Commission in the 1930s.

Today we seek to turn back time and revisit the meeting in 1957 and explore not only their discussions but also attempt to rewrite the history of the American Mafia.

Agenda: Expansion of the syndicate’s business and establishing a central governing body

Capo dei capi: Denzel Joyson

Consigliere: Syed Ali

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