Department Of Chemistry

                                                            ”  What  matters  about  Chemistry  is  that  it  gets  to  the  heart  of   matter. “

Catering to the needs of the ICSE & ISC Syllabus (6-12) as well as the NIOS Syllabus (6-12), the Chemistry Department at Clarence High School is handled by an expert team consisting of Mrs. Tony Alex, Mrs. Soumya Jacob, Mrs. Naina Chougule and Mrs. Prema Daniel under the leadership of Mrs. Crissilda Spurgeon. They are assisted by Mr. Yesudas. Creative and innovative teaching methods make the learning of Chemistry, a fun experience in the school.


Facilities, Activities and Events:

Clarence High School has a well-equipped laboratory which boasts of equipment like glassware, centrifuge, desiccators, Kipps apparatus and even porcelain apparatus. 

The school also has a Demonstration Room where the middle school has demo classes based on the concepts taught during the week – this certainly lends to learning. The senior classes have demo classes here before they go in for hands-on experience in the laboratory.

Students take part in the Science Olympiad every year conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) and this experience enables them to develop a love for the subject. Exhibitions are yet another occasion when our students experiment with elephant toothpaste, colour cabbage juice and lemon volcanos as well as working models like citrus batteries.

What makes the CHS Chemistry Department unique:

The faculty of the Department of Chemistry is dedicated to providing each of our students a high-quality educational experience. The goal of the Department is to integrate the knowledge and understanding of Chemistry with hands-on training and the use of modern instrumentation, to make their basics clear and also to help them answer application related questions.

“Chemistry is an important subject to learn – it is often referred to as the central science because it draws together physics and mathematics, biology and medicine, and the earth and environmental sciences.  Knowledge of the nature of chemicals and chemical processes therefore provides insights into a variety of physical and biological phenomena.” 

Mrs. Crissilda Spurgeon

Subject Convenor


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