The pace of globalization , liberalization and privatization has tremendously influenced the various dimensions of commerce education. It plays a very important role in the changing business world, which leads to success in all sectors of economy.

Our department comprises of the following staff:

  • Mrs. Deepa.A.George
  • Mrs. Beaula Peters
  • Miss. Naomi Joseph

The education imparted among our commerce students include lecturing, learning, group discussions, brain storming, simulation exercises, case study, role-play, field trips, seminars etc. It enhances them to know about the importance of applying economic principles while making business decisions. It creates an awareness of social, economic and political problems relating to business concerns and adapt themselves to the present circumstances. Moreover it helps them to develop entrepreneurial abilities and meet the global competition.

Our school curriculum offers the following subjects for the respective classes:


Commercial applications.


Commercial applications.


Commerce / Accountancy / Economics.


Commerce / Accountancy / Economics.

It is a myth that commerce is only all about money. On the contrary it is about figuring out how business works, how to manage a company and personnel, keeping track of stock market, keeping tab on tax schemes and much more. We create an awareness about the career opportunities available in the field of Commerce such as Finance, Banking, Chartered Accountancy, Company secretary, Insurance, Foreign trade, Stock broking and Investment analyst, Economics and Bachelors of Commerce, Management studies, Business studies, Business Administration , Business management and much more…


Mrs. Deepa A. George

Subject Convenor


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