“Geography is always thought of as a great subject to refer skills of life.”

It attracts people who are passionate. People who want to understand how the world around them works and ultimately how we might change it and make it better. Geography is so broad and in order to tackle it we at Clarence High school Bangalore have got a full range of teachers who have got diverse knowledge in Geography and our aim and objective is to make the students passionate about what they are studying which would make them learn more.

We in Clarence High School Geography department work in an interdisciplinary way within the school. We just don’t interact with ourselves in geography we do interact with the other schools with the faculty in broadly preparing ourselves to the future and the various opportunities.

Geography is a field subject which requires us to go into the world and study it.During our outings we take this opportunity to practice theory to the practical application of what we have learnt in the class.


We also give lot of stress in preparing our students for Olympiads .Our students have bagged national rank 1, 2 and 3 in these Olympiads.

Mrs. Ranjita Sinha

Subject Convenor


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