Mathematics Department consists of the following Staff.

Between us we have more than 100 years of teaching experience. As a department we have been involved in ensuring a smooth gradation in mathematical concepts from Prep -10 following the ICSE syllabus. This is visible in the excellent results in Math with distinctions and centum in the Board Exams, students have been securing every year.

No more Chalk and Talk. Mathematics classes in Clarence include Quizzes, puzzles Exhibitions, PowerPoint presentations and the use of videos which has made teaching and learning exciting.

Mathematics – Where every Problem has a Solution.

Be it a cook, farmer, carpenter, mechanic, shopkeeper, doctor, engineer, a scientist, a musician or a magician , everyone needs mathematics in their day-to-day life. This is applied in the type of projects assigned to students which include, Home budgeting, Running a tuck shop to find the Profit or Loss, Symmetry in nature, Math in nature, Tessellations and Tangrams to name a few. Participation in Competitive Exams like the Titan Genius Arithmetic Competition, International Mathematics Olympiad, NSO, NSTSE is part and parcel of the Mathematics Curriculum as we believe this enables our students to succeed in flying colours in competitive exams after graduation.

What makes the Math Department at Clarence Unique?

Each Math teacher’s enthusiasm, love and passion for the subject is the great legacy that is passed on to each and every student, says

Mrs. Usha Samuel

Subject Convenor


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