“The study of physics is also an adventure. You will find it challenging, sometimes frustrating, occasionally painful, and often richly rewarding.”


Clarence High School’s Physics Department is outstanding – qualified teachers deliver the concepts of the subject proficiently to the students of classes 6 to 12 of all streams – ICSE, ISC and CIC. The team of teachers, consisting of 5 members – Mrs. Tony Alex, Mr. Roy Abraham, Mrs. Ramola Rebeiro and Mrs. Sangeetha N. with Mrs. Roopa Fernandes as the Subject Convenor. They are assisted by an efficient lab assistant – Mr. John Peter. Various teaching strategies like lectures, demonstrations, audio-visual aids, etc. are used in the classrooms to promote learning for all students. Our teachers also serve as external evaluators for the Board Examinations conducted by the ICSE, ISC and CIC streams. This exposure enables them to prepare the students for the Examinations in the best possible way.

Facilities, Activities and Events:

Our well-equipped laboratory houses equipment in optics, mechanics, acoustics, magnetism and electronics. 

Students are given opportunities to participate in the Science Olympiad every year which is conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF). They also participate in the National Science Talent Examination. The students of classes 6, 7 and 8 prepare working models to score marks in their internal assessment and this enables them to acquire hands-on experience of the concepts they learn in class. Science Exhibitions, conducted occasionally, provide students with yet another platform to prepare working models, charts and creative PowerPoint presentations.

What makes Physics Department unique?

We are proud to say that our experienced faculty gives its best to the students and has succeeded in developing an excellent rapport with them. The teachers have instilled a love for the subject, in their students. The laboratory has all the devices required to practically demonstrate the various concepts taught, thus helping the students imbibe an understanding of the most difficult concepts. There are also various working models like the AC generator, DC motor, Fortin’s Barometer, sinusoidal wave and elevators that help in teaching abstract concepts better. The school is always blessed to have an excellent batch of students who develop a keen interest towards the subject – this makes the teaching-learning process a cake walk for the teachers as well as the students. 

“Physics, which also means ‘knowledge of nature’, is a subject of science which studies matter, its movements and its action through space and time in nature. The first and main important objective of physics is to understand how the universe functions and to assist in making new discoveries with time.

Mrs. Roopa  Farnandes

Subject Convenor


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