The General Science and Biology Department comprises of 8 teachers, teaching a range of students from STD 3 to STD 10. The teachers are up to date with their portions and the syllabus is completed on time. Preparation of question papers is equally distributed among us. The teachers prepare powerpoint presentations and use other forms of visual aides to make their teaching interesting. Corrections are up to date as well. Scrutiny of books is done on a regular basis. Textbooks are updated as and when required. Project work is given to students which are graded and the marks are used for tests and exams. Worksheets are done for important topics. We meet often to check the progress of the syllabus, question paper pattern and preparation, topics for projects and other.

The Biology Laboratory

     The Biology Laboratory has a sizable collection of well-preserved specimens ranging from butterflies, nests, eggs,             birds and models of various organs of the human body. There are a large number of visual aids and exhibits. A well           maintained aquarium adds to the charm.The laboratory is equipped with permanent slides of variety of organisms,              tissues and cell processes which help students appreciate the structural and functional complexities of life.

Mrs. Jennifer Joseph

Subject Convenor


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