East Mediterranean Parley

The Outremer lands of the Near East has been home to millions of ethno-religious groups for centuries. The mysterious, esoteric Druze, the mighty Maronite redoubts in Mount Lebanon, the coastal, secretive Alawite clans, fleeing Jews and newly freed Arabs all inhabit this ancient land.As the age of colonialist expansion comes to a halt with the bloody conflict in Europe, ideologies and figures that fell in the West have gained strength in the East.In the shade of fig trees, Jerusalem lies divided. In the dockyards of Beirut,sectarian gangs reignsupreme. The souks of Damascus burns within the rage of colonial conflict. The city of Caliphs, Baghdad lies in ruin as coups tear apart the ancient gardens fed by the Tigris and Euphrates.In this ever expanding corridor of death, the sectarian and political groupings of the Levant have decided to meet one last time to seal the fate of the Holy Land in a last ditch effort. At the Tower of David in East Jerusalem, under the shade of God's Holy City, the descendants of Abraham meet to negotiate an hesitant peace. The matters of religion, ethnic conflict and economic trepidation converge where it all began, with the fate of millions in the hands of parties who are quick to war and slow to peace, prepared to walk the path of Golgotha for their beliefs. It now falls to decide this conflict once and for all: victory or death.

Presenting to you this crisis committee, the East Mediterranean Parley, 1945.
Agenda: The Levant Crisis.

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