Lok Sabha

How often does government policy fail to make its ways to Indians participating in the economy?Whatever progress has been made regulatory authorities are still out of touch with a unjustifiablyhuge sector of the workforce, with little reason for optimism about that changing.
The informal sector being unable to continue integrating into a formalized, and modernised India,is arguably the most significant factor stunting the growth of our country's economy today. Indiahas become a globalised economy without actually being an internal national economy. Theformal sector hilariously has infinitely more to do with foreign states and global conglomeratesthan it seemingly ever has for many villages.Separations that made them starkly contrasting spheres during the cold war era have beeninsufficiently addressed in an attempt to reconcile them. However, this gap is an opportunity toaddress fairly severe concerns with regards to our economic stagnation. The informal sector ifproperly harnessed could be driven into the same growth as liberalisation brought about withinour industry, by transforming it from a highly localised and less than satisfactory autarky into avast pool of resources, labour, and consumers capable of a great deal of much needed specialisation within such places.Presenting to you, the Lok Sabha.

Agenda: Formalising the Indian Economy.

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