The School Song was written by Mr. G .C. Rogers during his tenure at Clarence in 1942 – 45.

The Song is sung every Monday at the Morning Assembly as a prayer by the students and staff members.

Watch School Song:



We thank Thee, now, O Father, whose loving gracious hand,
Hath given us our playing fields and school in this bright land:
Whose finger paints the flowers and trees and tints the clouds above,
Whose mercy keeps our Clarence School and makes it worth our love.

We than Thee, O Father, for these and all Thy care,
Bestowed upon Thy children, both here and everywhere.

For our teachers we would thank Thee, O fill them daily, Lord
With deep and true devotion, to them Thy grace afford,
Bless all the hours of childhood, the sunshine and the prayer,
The work and high endeavor in which we now have share.

For our founders, we would thank Thee, their loving gracious plan,
Their many deeds of kindness since first our school began:
O grant that we may ever promote the work begun,
Show forth by lives of splendor the glories of Thy Son.

O grant that now and ever, no act of ours may cast,
A slur on school or country with all their glorious past,
Today and through the ages Thy faith shall be our shield,
Thy hope shall live forever, Thy love shall win the field.


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