World Summit on the Information Society

It can be argued that the Internet is the pinnacle of technological advancement humans havemade in the recent past, a place that facilitates collaborations, development and communication.With all these great benefits however there must also come associated risk including but not
limited to the use of cyber-weapons, information theft, denial of service and financial fraud.New technology that could possibly revolutionize cyberspace is right at our fingertips in the form of Quantum Computing which seems as risky as it is promising. Quantum Computers improve on existing computers in numerous ways and offer speed in resolving complex problems, more
efficient simulations and computing power that defies logic. In spite of all these benefits it might be best to question whether such technology must be allowed to flourish as with it we may just be handing malicious parties their greatest weapon yet.
To combat the ongoing slew of cyber-attacks and to prepare for the future it is imperative that an international effort is taken.

Presenting to you, the World Summit on the Information Society.
Agenda: Discussing Cybersecurity in the Age of Quantum Computing.

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