The school council plays an important role in assisting our staff on all important events, academic ventures and non-academic high days.

There is a Standard Operation Procedure in place to elect them, in a very democratic method.

* We have about 29 Prefects that includes a school captain, vice- captain and house captain and house vice- captain.

SOP for election is as follows:

* House Counselors will shortlist the appropriate the names of candidates, who may be the best in ability, talent and soft skills to lead.

  1. The list of candidates will be discussed on a common platform by the respective teachers, coordinators and Prefects coordinator, Vice-Principal and Principal, thereby nominating the candidates who would be standing for the election.
  2. The electoral college consisting of students from Stds 7, 8,9,11 will exercise their franchise.
  3. The Prefect elect will then meet and both the staff and students will cast their vote to choose the Captain and the school Vice- Captain from again a short – listed names of candidates.
  4. Here the parity between both boys and girls are well maintained.
  5. The Prefect elect names are then announced officially by the Principal.