Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics

Between us we have more than 100 years of teaching experience. As a department we have…Read More

Department of Chemistry

Department Of Chemistry

The teaching of science is specialised into Chemistry, Biology and Physics from the level of.. Read More

Department of Physics

Department Of Physics

Physics -the branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy..Read More

Department of Biology

Department Of Science & Biology

The General Science and Biology Department comprises of 8 teachers, teaching a range of…Read More

Department of Computer Science

Department Of Computer Science

Today’s world is a place where knowledge keeps growing and Clarence High School is…Read More

Department of Commerce

Department Of Commerce

The pace of globalization , liberalization and privatization has tremendously influenced…Read More

Department of Geography

Department of Geography

It attracts people who are passionate. People who want to understand how the world around…Read More

Department of History

Department Of History

History and Civics (Political Science) is a compulsory subject at the ICSE level, we have a…Read More

Department of English

Department Of English

The English Department is the most important comprising about 12 teachers in its band wagon…Read More

Department of Hindi

Department Of Hindi

India has 22 official languages and 1652 mother tongues spoken by people.In this special…Read More

Department of French

Department Of French

French was introduced as a second language choice in the year 2013-14. It began with one part…Read More

Department of Music

Department Of Music

Music classes provide the perfect avenue to develop an appreciation of this fine art from a…Read More

Department of Physical Education

Department Of Physical Education

The Physical Education department plays an essential role in all aspects of health and…Read More

Department of Home Science

Department Of Homescience

Home Science is an art of managing available resources efficiently with the help of science for…Read More

Department of Special Education

Special Education Department

Clarence Special Needs department has developed and follows specialized instruction…Read More